Ohwar Kemmel (Deceased)

Maverick Entrepeneur

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 2 3 3 2 3
Soak Defence Wounds Strain Encumb
2 Range 1 Melee 1 15 14 6
Skills: Talents: Page
Knowledge (Core): PA Intuitive Navigation (2) EtU 22
Knowledge (Education): PA Sound Investments FH 27
Knowledge (Underworld): PA Wheel and Deal FH 27
Leadership: PPAA Rapid Recovery FH 27
Negotiation: PPA Greased Palms FH 27
Streetwise: PA Outdoorsman EtU 27
Xenology: PA Stalker EtU 27
Range Heavy: PA Confidence EtU 27
Stealth: PP Grit 98
Survival: PPA Convincing Demeanour (2) 95
Droid Chair Comlink
Heavy Clothing Blaster Rifle
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Blaster Rifle Long Range Heavy 9 Stun
Heavy Blaster Pistol Medium Range Light 7 Stun

Not the sort of Duros to let anyone tell him he can’t do something, when Ohwar Kemmel heard that every last scrap of bacta production was handled by the Thyferran Bacta Cartel he set in motion plans to change that. Legally speaking, the Empire has granted exclusive bacta production rights to the Cartel. Practically speaking, it’s held as fact that it’s impossible to produce bacta without the Vratix, since one of the key ingredients, kavam, is a substance they secrete naturally. None of this deterred Owhar, however.

Now after years of work Ohwar claims his scientists have cracked the code to synthesizing kavam. Not only that, but he’s located an unsettled world capable of supporting both life and the growth of the other components of bacta. It won’t be easy, but with aquacultural facilities to produce the aquatic plant which yields ambori and underground caves within which Xoorzi fungus can be grown and processed into alhazi, this new world holds all of Ohwar’s hopes of breaking into the bacta game.

With what remains of his money and assets, Ohwar has managed to cobble together a colony, seeking out the best he can find (or afford) and setting off to make his fortune.


Born during the waning days of the Trade Federation’s influence, Ohwar Kemmel watched his father’s stakes in various large mercantile consortiums run dry after the botched invasion of Naboo. The financial ruin left his father desperate and led to an ill-advised alliance of Kemmel Capital with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Following the rise of the Empire, Kemmel Capital was left bankrupt once again and Ohwar’s father was among the first to learn what opposition bought at Palpatine’s court.

From an early age Owhar learned the hard lesson that failure and bankruptcy are more frequent than success and wealth. Determined as he was not to let inevitable business failure destroy him as it did his father, he set out to rebuild the Kemmel name and fortune. Starting with a job mending lifter droids on Mechis III and eventually working his way up to a managerial position with Cybot Galactica a mere five years after the death of his father, Ohwar found himself with a fair amount of money and contacts within the droid manufacturing world. Reasoning that he would never rebuild his father’s company on the shoulder’s of Cybot Galactica, Ohwar left his position there and founded KemTech Solutions, which began by manufacturing universal components for use in droid construction.

Over the next twenty years markets rose and fell. KemTech launched new divisions and shut down others. Some years were plentiful, others complete disasters. Ohwar’s stubbornness and willingness to take huge risks if he saw a payday in his future led stockholders to label him as a reckless maverick. Between safaris on distant and dangerous worlds and hunting trips to track the biggest and most dangerous of game, Ohwar’s personal life did nothing to help disprove this claim.

Finally, with profits plunging and with several large Imperial contracts lost to other companies willing to produce more consistent products, KemTech’s board could take no more. With a supermajority shareholder vote, Ohwar Kemmel was fired from his own company.

Humiliated, angry, and powerless to do anything as his stockholders turned his dream into an Imperial contractor, Kemmel took the remainder of his wealth (not an inconsiderable sum) and began to take stock. If he was going to make his mark on history, he was beginning to run out of time. It was here the bacta dream began to form. For three years, Ohwar spent all of his time and energy and most of his money with the dream of cracking the Bacta Cartel and making so much money the Empire would have no choice but to grant him legal rights to manufacture it.

Ohwar Kemmel (Deceased)

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