Amrod Nod

Mon Calamari Colonist: Doctor

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
1 2 5 2 2 2
Soak Defense Wounds Strain Encumb
3 Range:- Melee:- 11 13 10 (7use)
Skills: Talents: Page
Astrogation: AAAAA Surgeon (1) 65
Computers: AAAAA Bacta Specialist (1) 65
Cool: AA
Knowledge Core Worlds: AAAAA
Knowledge Education: PAAAA
Knowledge Lore: AAAAA
Knowledge Xenology: AAAAA
Mechanics: AAAAA
Medicine: PAAAA
Perception: PA
Resilience: A
Streetwise: AA
Special Notes:
Specialist Amrod Nod has never passed a psych evaluation successfully
Backpack (enc+4) 50$ Med Pack
Stimpack (8)
Bacta (1) Liter
Total XP: Available XP: Credits -——- Armor
100 0 30 -——- Padded Armor
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Holdout Blaster Short Ranged Light 5 Stun
Frag Grenade (2) Short Ranged Light 8
Surgeon: When making a Medicine check to help a character heal
wounds, the target heals 1 additional wound per rank of Surgeon.
Bacta Specialist: Patients regain 1 additional wound per rank of
Bacta Specialist when they recover wounds from bacta tanks or long
term care.

Amrod Nod recently worked as the Senior Research Executive at the Oscurn Dahlt Research Institute (ODRI) on the planet Ahemait in the Inner Rim. The institute is known most for its ethically questionable research policies. Under the protection of the Empire, the ODRI is able to conduct research unimpeded by ethical review boards of any kind. Hidden behind layers of security and with few restrictions, the institute furthers its research.

The ODRI has been accused of some of the most abominable crimes in recent history, yet so far, has yet to be convicted. No accusation has produced enough evidence to implicate the institute. However, many blame the ODRI for the outbreak of a mutant virus in the small planet Drolpy II in outer rim that altered the personalities of those who were infected. Those infected became notably desensitized to emotion and outrageously violent. This caused the societal destabilization of a Drolpy II. While investigators discovered that the virus was initially introduced to the planet by an undocumented refugee ship, it was unclear where the virus originated.

The way in which the institute secures test subjects has also been accused of being questionable. A number of hypothesis have been posited. Some believe the institute acquires its test subjects by cloning stolen genetic material. Others believe the institute uses individuals they would consider undesirable: namely convicted criminals, the malformed, or the aged. Considering the institutes reputation, it is rather curious how Amrod Nod came to be unemployed. He was fired for unethical research practices.

Soon after he was ‘let go’, he was contacted by Ohwar Kemmel who invited him to join a team of scientists to explore the potential for creating an alternative method to synthesize bacta. Amrod happily accepted the job and has worked for Ohwar for a number of years now.

Amrod Nod

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