Alazhi Sunrise

Audio Message 147
Dharma to Wally

<< begin audioMessage147 >>
<< launch autoTrans(Huttese/Basic) >>
<< messageStart >>

Wally? Did I hear your last message correctly, dear boy? Ohwar Kemmel is missing, possibly dead in a shipwreck?

If so I commend you on getting into the search party. Keep your eyes sharp, Wally. If Ohwar is dead or unable to keep Oasis afloat, you message me immediately. This is extremely important. Before anything else get a message off world to me. And so be careful about ants. Its hard to dance when you’re itching. All the more reason to get the bacta labs up and going, eh?

<< messageEnd >>

Audio Message 146
Wally to Dharma

<< begin audioMessage146 >>
<< launch autoTrans(Huttese/Basic) >>
<< messageStart >>


static…essage start. I think this is working now? …Yeah, that’s right.

Oi-yay, Dharma! It’s your boy, Wally! Please forgive the quality of the transmission. We’re in the middle of <unknown>-ing nowhere. I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news, my dear. One of the ships was hit by an asteroid. The other ship had already offloaded most of the prefab so it isn’t like your boy doesn’t have a roof over his head, but we’re missing most of the food and booze for the cantina. Not to mention the fabulous decorations.

We’ve formed a small expedition to investigate the crash site, though. We’ll have all the supplies we need on site faster than a Lylek on glitterstim. You know I’ll come through for you.

static….ow what you would ask me now, though, and I’ll tell you even though I don’t want to. I’m afraid you’re not going to like it. Ohwar was on the downed ship when it was hit. We left Oasis immediately after the wreckage touched down, so I don’t know- static …somehow managed to get in touch with the colony via drop pod comms or anything, but if anyone could survive a direct hit from a <unkown>-ing gigantic space rock, it’s him. If he’s still alive- static …find him.

I should- static …op recording. Sand is getting all over this thing. Also, I should be keeping watch… wait… are those…?

ANTS! Sonuva bantha, ants! Everyone wake up! Oh they’ll never let me live this down…

<< messageEnd >>

Log of the Vessel "Elyrian"
0400 Hours Autolog


Ship’s Log: Captain Fraiks recording.

Began the last leg of our journey at 1900 hours yesterday. We jumped out from Rishi after some minor delays due to engine trouble aboard Windfall. Mr. Kemmel was extremely agitated by this delay, asking if we could leave them behind and meet them at the destination. I denied this request, I don’t like splitting up the convoy this close to Hutt space. Needless to say, Mr. Kemmel was not pleased. He retired to his quarters to confer with his accountant and determine if the delay was costing him anything.

Thus far the jump has been smooth. I was concerned initially because of how little this route has been mapped. The navicomputer barely has the data necessary to calculate the jump. I’ve got the safeties on full, just in case. If any mass shadow comes so much as close to us Elyrian will be pulled out of hyperspace.

We’re approaching the drop from hyperspace. Captain Fraiks signing off.


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